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Software Publishing


With the growing complexity and diversity around software solutions, 

organizations require integrated software life cycle management and 

transparency to establish a structured and well managed software portfolio.


Discover the potential of integration and transparency.

RDMCHAIN’s unique software portfolio management me thodology takes you to the next level of optimization based on best practices, integrated processes and pro-active management of software life cycles. Your customer specific software portfolio management program will ensure cost-efficiency, well planned IT investments and sustainable governance by combining the commercial, technical, and compliance perspective.


While most small firms manage one or two software development projects at any given time, enterprises typically manage several or even dozens concurrently–everything from relatively minor bug fixes and upgrades, to major updates and new product launches.

With its scalable design, Software Portfolio Management empowers managers, leaders and executives with the visibility they need to :

  • Ensure that software development projects are aligned with overall enterprise strategy.

  • Confirm that projects are ultimately generating expected revenues and profits.

  • Accurately assess and proactively mitigate risk.

  • Manage change across the enterprise to ensure that projects aren’t disrupted or progress hindered And on an execution level,

  • RDMCHAIN supports a wide variety of software development project methodologies, including agile, waterfall, Prince2, PMBOK and more.

  • Enterprises, divisions, teams and work groups can also customize, modify and evolve their own methodologies based on scope, project needs or customer requirements.

  • Discover how RDMCHAIN supports your development teams, wherever and whenever they’re working, and empowers a more strategic approach to Software Portfolio Management.

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